Monday, October 10, 2005

We've Not Seen the Last of The Copyright Class Action

We've Not Seen the Last of The Copyright Class Action
Information Today, publication date: 10 October 2005
Quoting Edward Hasbrouck:
"On the eve of the court hearing scheduled for this coming Tuesday to decide whether to approve a proposed settlement giving the New York Times and its co-defendant copyright infringers future rights in perpetuity to sell, license, and sublicense the electronic rights to freelance articles that they've been stealing for years, the Times this past Monday began charging new fees (a US$50 monthly subscription fee and/or a per-article fee, none of which goes to the authors) for online access to articles (including those to which the Times has never paid for, nor acquired, the electronic rights).

The Times has been gearing up for this for months. So it's odd that they launched the new subscription fee and services now, rather than waiting a week for the settlement granting them rights to be approved. But their greed is, apparently, impatient."

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