Wednesday, October 12, 2005

CCC/Blackboard Integration

CCC/Blackboard Integration
by MIKE MADISON, publication date: 11 October 2005
"If you are using a CCC-enabled Blackboard system, is there any justification for relying on fair use in connection with teaching materials? As a practical matter, I doubt it. The CCC has taken even the Steve Martin defense "I forgot" out of the equation."
[Ed. note: In my previous job I was a Reserve librarian, overseeing our then brand new Electronic Reserve Service. When the CCC started offering permissions clearance for e-reserves, they introduced a $5 per request fee, regardless of whether or not the publisher actually agreed to grant them. They are also responsible for introducing a per-student charge into the permissions equation, and the result has been an enormous increase in the amount of money charged by publishers. Digital should not be an excuse to gouge the customer but libraries are so fearful on the copyright issue that they are paying. Here's hoping more universities just say no to the CCC.]

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