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Copyright events at MCN

Copyright events at MCN

publication date: 25 October 2005
The Museum Computer Network's Intellectual Property SIG is pleased to sponsor two sessions at the organization's annual conference, MCN 2005, in Boston, November 3-5, 2005. More information on the conference can be found at: http://www.mcn.edu/Mcn2005/mcn2005index.htm

"From Hip Hop to Oil on Canvas: Sampling, Art & Copyright"
The concept of sampling is integral to contemporary music, and a hot topic in terms of intellectual property. But the idea of licensing art and photography under a sampling license has yet to be explored. Does the painter in us tune into terms like "remix" and "mash?" Does looking at the latest Creative Commons project, ccmixter.org, intrigue the art historian in us with the idea of establishing a "family tree" of re-mixed samples during the creation of a new, collaborative, work of art? Can digital image files be remixed under similar technology and licensing terms? Join our panelists in hashing out current opinions on the state of the art of sampling, its importance in visual culture, and how copyright law fits in - or doesn't.

Panelists: Henry Jenkins, Director, Comparative Media Studies Program and Co-Director, Media in Transition, MIT, and Tyler Ochoa of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School of Law. Moderator: Amalyah Keshet

"Contract and Copyright: Whatever Happened to Fair Use?"
Is contract law supplanting copyright law when the latter provides "too much" latitude for fair use? Licenses controlling the use of copyrighted works govern whether and how we can access materials important for education, research, and creativity. Contracts that supersede user rights protected under copyright law threaten not only fair use but raise other social policy issues. This roundtable discussion will explore the limits of licensing and contracts. Participants will have 10 minutes to speak about their particular concerns, then will be asked to address a series of museum-based hypothetical scenarios presented by the Session Chair. This discussion will be followed by audience questions.

Panelists: Wendy Gordon, Boston University School of Law, Christine Sundt, University of Oregon, and Maureen A. OĆ­Rourke, Boston University School of Law. Moderator: Diane Zorich.

We look forward to some very lively discussion during these sessions, with your participation.

Amalyah Keshet
Head of Image Resources & Copyright Management
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Chair, MCN Intellectual Property SIG

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