Tuesday, June 06, 2006

J.D. Lasica's Darknet: People in the Copyright Wars

J.D. Lasica's Darknet: People in the Copyright Wars
TidBits, publication date: 05 June 2006
"He tells the story of a pastor of an evangelical Christian church who uses snippets from movies and television shows in his sermons, and whether or not a case could be made for what he's doing being 'fair use,' the fact is that he's ripping the scenes from DVD in violation of the DMCA. Similarly illegal is a homemade DVD created by an Intel executive for his son's Pop Warner football team, because the guy added a snippet of fans cheering wildly from the DVD version of the football movie 'Rudy,' along with some scenes of NFL players doing touchdown dances and audio from the song 'Who Let the Dogs Out?'. Amusingly, Lasica describes the executive's homemade DVD to MPAA head Jack Valenti, who says flatly, 'He's committing a violation of federal law.'"

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