Saturday, June 10, 2006

House panel OKs digital licensing bill

House panel OKs digital licensing bill
CNet, publication date: 8 June 2006
"In a joint statement, the Recording Industry Association of America, the Digital Media Association and the National Music Publishers Association said they had 'much to gain' from the legislation but still hadn't reached 'complete agreement on all aspects' of it. An RIAA representative contacted by CNET would not elaborate on those concerns.

Others, including two Democrats who reluctantly agreed to approve the bill on Thursday, have aired louder gripes about the current language. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, for its part, encouraged its visitors to call their elected representatives and make their dissatisfaction known.

In a three-page letter (click for PDF) this week to the bill's authors, a coalition of 19 consumer-oriented advocacy groups and companies--including the American Association of Law Libraries, BellSouth, the Consumer Electronics Association, Public Knowledge, RadioShack, and Sirius and XM satellite radio--claimed the proposal poses a threat to fair use."

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