Monday, June 12, 2006

Apple Faces Fresh Legal Attacks in Europe

Apple Faces Fresh Legal Attacks in Europe
The New York Times, publication date: 8 June 2006
"Bjorn Erik Thon, director of the ombudsman's office, said those provisions must be changed by June 21, or Apple could be fined.

As for making iTunes music compatible with non-Apple players, Mr. Thon said that his office expected a response from Apple by June 21, and would rule on the matter after that.

"We are likely to rule against Apple, but it is fair to hear their point of view," Mr. Thon said. "Consumers should be able to play music they have purchased on any device they want."

Mr. Thon said that he himself had bought a large number of songs from iTunes for about 1 euro apiece, and now wanted to transfer them to his new Nokia N80 cellular phone, but could not.

'I just cannot imagine an argument in favor of stopping someone from using a song they purchased,' he said."

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