Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Patent fights are a legacy of MP3's tangled origins

Patent fights are a legacy of MP3's tangled origins
The New York Times, publication date: 5 March2007
'The chairman of the MPEG group, Leonardo Chiariglione, is frequently given that designation in the international news media, though he rejects the title.

“I am not the father of MP3,” he said. “I am the inventor of the machine” that led to MP3 and other digital media technologies, by which he meant the MPEG group, which he helped establish.

For those confused about where to turn to obtain an MP3 license for a new device or piece of software, he offers little solace. “The rule is that the MPEG working group is not allowed to consider patent issues in our technical work, so there is nothing I can do about it,” he said, “even though I consider the situation in general not positive for the wide adoption of the standard, which is what I have been working on.”'

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