Friday, March 16, 2007

Adobe Steps Back From ALM Precipice

Adobe Steps Back From ALM Precipice
Ed Fosters Gripelog, InfoWorld, publication date: 12 March 2007
"So why did Adobe change its mind? From what I've been hearing from readers, it appears that customers made it clear they weren't going to accept vendor-specific licensing tools. 'From what we've seen, Adobe did a reasonable job in keeping ALM relatively unobtrusive,' wrote one reader after his company had finished its analysis of ALM. 'But there's a slippery slope if we go down that road. What if 18 months from now Adobe's having a bad quarter and needs a quick boost to revenues? Will they hold to the privacy promises they're making now about not giving the sales side your licensing data? So we've told Adobe we won't be moving to 8.0 or any other product that's going to require ALM.'"

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