Sunday, October 15, 2006
Huffington Post via Yahoo News, publication date: 13 October 2006
"I've followed Myrvold's career in the meantime - he left Microsoft, bought a plane for himself, and started his own company, Intellectual Ventures - but it never crossed my mind that I would ever find him nine years later talking sentimentally about copyright. I mean, copyright? Even I have given up on copyright. I feel about copyright exactly the way Myrvold felt in 1997 about the end of print as we know it. But Myrvold seems to have fallen in love with copyright. He used it to attack the YouTube deal - 'But they don't own the content' seems to be the current conventional-wisdom-slash-Schadenfreude comment to make about the YouTube deal - and went on to say, in what I think was meant to be a moving moment, that he had ordered his twins to pay for their music downloads, even though none of their friends do. 'Copyright built our house,' Myrvold said. 'I told them, as long as you're sleeping here, you have to respect copyright.'"

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