Monday, October 23, 2006

How Accessible are Historic Television Broadcasts?

How Accessible are Historic Television Broadcasts?
Television Archiving and Journal of Digital Information link to pdf document
"For example, libraries with print collections rarely prohibit the use of Xerox machines, but because of copyright law and contractual agreements with donors and program owners, video libraries are typically unable to allow or provide onsite reproduction, or offsite consultation via the Internet. Videos that can’t be legally reproduced are not typically usable for other purposes such as classroom showing. (p4)
Ultimately, reconstruction of the Dan Quayle – Murphy Brown interaction based on primary
source materials proved effectively impossible, despite extensive and prolonged efforts. The
speech by Dan Quayle that initiated the controversy was inaccessible for reasons of copyright,
and the owner of the Murphy Brown episodes refused to provide them for educational use. Other
news and entertainment footage was difficult to find, expensive, or unavailable.(p8)"

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