Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Rehearsing to buy a DRMed e-book

Rehearsing to buy a DRMed e-book
TeleRead, publication date: 15 March 2005
'"We've offered free unencrypted ebooks since our start, but that's not the same," Scott says. "To truly simulate a download, there has to be Digital Rights Management (DRM), involved. Our test downloads are the real thing so once you get one under your belt you can be confident there won't be a problem
when it's time to use the credit card." He's hoping that the new approach will reduce his support costs and weed out the unprepared. The 35,000-title Diesel, incidentally, is super-easy to reach by phone if need be--an old-fashioned amenity that should be more common in the industry than it actually is."

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