Thursday, March 10, 2005

Real Networks Launching Challenge to iPod

Real Networks Launching Challenge to iPod
CIO Today, publication date: 10 March 2005

"News that Real Networks is launching a new version of its music store, enabling consumers to buy music that can play on Apple iPods, has sent shockwaves through the digital music industry"
"Apple has issued a furious statement promising legal action and claiming that Real's move is unethical. "We're stunned that Real Networks has adopted the tactics and ethics of a hacker to break into the iPod, and we are investigating the implications of [its] actions under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and other laws," it stated.

Ryan insists, however, that his company is on "rock-solid" legal ground and has industry support. "We took content that we have rights to and we changed the DRM [digital rights management] to one that will play on the iPod. The labels have endorsed the service.""

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