Monday, November 13, 2006

Trying Out the Zune: IPod It’s Not

Trying Out the Zune: IPod It’s Not
The New York Times, publication date: 9 November 2006
"But PlaysForSure bombed. All of them put together stole only market-share crumbs from Apple. The interaction among player, software and store was balky and complex — something of a drawback when the system is called PlaysForSure.

'Yahoo might change the address of its D.R.M. server, and we can’t control that,' said Scott Erickson, a Zune product manager. (Never mind what a D.R.M. server is; the point is that Microsoft blames its partners for the technical glitches.)

Microsoft’s proprietary closed system abandons one potential audience: those who would have chosen an iPod competitor just to show their resentment for Apple’s proprietary closed system."

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