Friday, May 12, 2006

Cut copyright levies, fight piracy, SIA says

Cut copyright levies, fight piracy, SIA says
EETimes, publication date: 11 May 2006
"In a press briefing here Wednesday (May 10), SIA Chairman Brian Halla, board member John Daane and President George Scalise said governments should focus on preventing piracy rather than levying the copyright tariffs, which they labeled as ineffective.

Copyright levies are mostly associated with European countries, though they are in force to a lesser degree in other parts of the world. They are designed to compensate copyright holders for the copyright infringement potential of blank media, such as a blank cassette tape.
The men outlined some less formal measures, emphasizing industry self-policing and swift action over formal legal proceedings, to combat and reduce piracy.

In one example, Scalise suggested that governments request that silicon foundries make "best efforts" to determine if a chip design that has been brought to them for fabrication has been pirated. Scalise emphasized that such an arrangement should be informal, not placing legal requirements or responsibility on the foundries. "

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