Thursday, December 01, 2005

Finding a balance between digital copyright and consumers%u2019 rights

IST Results - Finding a balance between digital copyright and consumers' rights
IST Results, publication date: 29 November 2005
"Most European researchers agree that there are two crucial but as yet unresolved issues facing the deployment of DRM: interoperability between different technologies and the need to balance consumers' rights to fair use with the right of content providers and authors to avoid illegal duplication of their audiovisual works.

The first problem is technical as well as political, in the business sense of the word, while the second holds social and cultural implications. Both must be solved, however, if the media industry is to effectively use DRM to protect its revenue - and hence its ability to innovate and create new content - in an era in which personal computers and the Internet have made illegal copying and access to illegal copies all too easy."

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