Sunday, September 09, 2007

The First Close Look at Colleges' Digital Pirates

The First Close Look at Colleges' Digital Pirates
The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required), publication date: 7 September 2007
Ms. Elzy and Mr. Arbogast wanted financial support from the industry, and they got it. The Digital Citizen Project, as Illinois State calls it, has benefited from considerable entertainment-industry financing, including an influx ofseveral hundred thousand dollars that came shortly after the meeting. . Later, Illinois State secured promises that the information the university collects will not be used to prosecute students.

So the university opened up its campus network, collecting never-before-seen data on what files students were swapping and how they share them. It has started to survey students' opinions on copyright, hoping that a scholarly study will reveal how they can be persuaded not to download illegally. It is also working to create a sort of Consumer Reports for antipiracy tools, testing both legal downloading services and technology designed to block peer-to-peer file sharing.

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