Friday, June 16, 2006

European Commission fears copyright levy for ISPs

European Commission fears copyright levy for ISPs
by Pinsent JMasons, publication date: 12 June 2006"The Commission is consulting with industry so that it can change the laws around this 'copyright levy' to suit the world of digital copying. It has warned, though, that applying traditional principles to digital media could cause consumers to reject any idea of a copyright levy.

'[In the digital media world] it would no longer be possible to hold only liable the manufacturers or importers of equipment and media,' said the Commission's consultation document. 'The logic of levies would also have to be applied to broadband and infrastructure service providers including telecommunications providers that carry content.'

'If this were to happen, levies would proliferate and there would be a serious risk of a backlash against the rights holder community and consumer welfare,' it said."

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