Thursday, August 11, 2005

Britney to Rent, Lease or Buy

Britney to Rent, Lease or Buy
New York Times, publication date: 07 August 2005
"One intriguing alternative is the subscription plan allowing unlimited downloads that is currently offered by Napster, Yahoo and Rhapsody.
Unfortunately, there's enough fine print to fill a phone book. The biggest footnote is that if you ever stop paying the fee, you're left with nothing but memories; all the music self-destructs. You're not buying songs under this plan - you're just renting them. (A famous Napster ad claims that filling an iPod, at $1 a song, would cost you $10,000. But you could just as truthfully say that, under Napster's plan, listening to one favorite song for 20 years would cost you $3,600.)"

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