Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Crackdown on Piracy Hits Barrier

Crackdown on Piracy Hits Barrier
by Lorenza Muñoz and Jon Healey
Los Angeles Times, publication date: 09 May 2005
"Ashcroft agreed and formed a task force. Israelite spent six months listening to federal prosecutors, heads of movie studios, recording industry officials and software companies.

While Israelite pledged more enforcement from the Justice Department, Hollywood promised to increase its efforts to go after pirates by filing civil suits and launching education efforts. Now, the department has 18 specialized units nationwide that work only on copyright cases.

The department's task force "sent a message to a very large community of enforcers that intellectual property matters, and the behavioral consequences within the organization are enormous," said RIAA Chief Executive Mitch Bainwol."

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