Friday, April 08, 2005

VideoLAN - And the issue of software patents

[Implementing MPEG, in a practical sense, is a fairly difficult process. VideoLAN is one of the few technology companies who do a good job covering all platforms with their player. So hearing that they are threatened with closure is disheartening.]
VideoLAN - And the issue of software patents
March 2005
"But not all is lost yet as long as you decide it is time to make a difference and take action. This is our last opportunity to fend off software patents worldwide, there will be no second chance for the foreseeable future.

Signing petitions will not suffice. Contact your local EU representatives and educate them why software patents are a bad idea in the first place and why they must attend that parliament session to vote against them. Make it clear that they need to stop the machinations of the EU council and reaffirm the power of the EU parliament, the only democratically elected EU institution. For in-depth information and starting points to get active visit the software patent page of the FFII (Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure) and"

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